The fundamental problem 

When designing a machine, three main challenges are met: mechanical, electrical and software engineering. Of the three, electronics are actually the limiting factor.
Most machines include one or several electronic circuit boards on which components are soldered.
Designing such boards always (until now) required extensive knowledge and experience with electronics, to understand perfectly each component and how to use them. Even then, error is frequent and bears heavy consequences. One small mistake and everything needs to be re-done, inducing a waste of precious time and funds.

Tackling this limitation was the main motivation behind the creation of EBE, an all-intergrated intelligent lab. EBE will be your main companion in all your electronics projects.

Our team worked hard to optimize the performances of the machine, in order to ship an complete and robust product at a fair price. We hope that one day, repair and upcycling of household electronics would be made cheaper and easier thanks to EBE.


Fully integrated, user-friendly, and resilient.

230x130x70mm fits everything you need, whether at your home shop or in the wild. Treat it hard, it’s built to withstand it! The 3mm thick resin case is reinforced with fiberglass for great impact resistance. Elastic plastic mounts shield internal components and batteries from shocks. A special clasp a two metal hinges allow for the screen to be positioned anywhere between 0° to 180°.

Almost half of the internal space is dedicated to a modular storage compartment. The screen is recessed far inside the top case. This way, you can keep your current projects plugged on the prototyping board, and take a number of other components along with EBE, saving precious time when working on the go, at a friend’s or a client’s.


Fast and Powerful

EBE’s brain is a multifaceted electronic system, with multiple entities continuously communicating together through internal networks. It makes EBE a versatile tool, which you’ll quickly find essential for a wide variety of electronics-related projects. Let’s list the main components at work inside EBE:

  • RaspberryPi 3+ This is EBE’s motherboard. Ubiquitous with hobbyist programmers, it allows EBE to be used as a standard computer, for any type of application. Of course, it works great for running EBE’s custom software! It also offers Wifi and Bluetooth connections, as well as 2 USB ports for accessories. For advanced users, I/O pins for standard communication protocols are there as well (I2C, UART, SPI, TCP/IP, etc)
  • ATMEGA32U4 is a microcontroller, necessary for real-time, ultra-fast interaction with the front panel inputs and outputs. Thanks to its performance and efficient programming, it’s possible to record 100000 measures per second, with a precision of 0.0001V.
  •  power drivers Several power drivers allow EBE to run and test most middle-sized motors, supplying all the energy needed for the task. Continuous operation at up to 120W is made possible.

Intelligent and Ergonomic 

Integrated AI empowers EBE to create fully functional electronic circuits, according to your specifications, from a database of components. The “Hard” tab of the software double-checks compatibility, previews real-time circuits statistics, and suggest components that might be missing. Assson as the circuit is complete, you can export an Eagle “.crc” script and order the corresponding board, all in a few clicks! EBE also gives you the full BOM list of components needed, an estimated cost and an idea of how hard it’s going to be to put it all together.

For more info, see the dedicated page.

A second tab in the software, named “Pins”, is dedicated to the visualisation of signals from et the sending of commands to the pins of the front panel.
This way, the user can test and study a large array of electronic and electromechanical components. The interface is fairly streamlined, showing only what you need to know, when you need to know it. This level of abstraction is the key to EBE’s great ease of use. For power users, it is possible to record and export signals, as well as output recorded commands.

ally, the “Network” tab is meant as an assistant facilitating network communication procedures. There, you can use bluetooth and wifi to communicate with all your connected objects. Fieldbuses offered on the front panel make for easy and precise observation of data transfers between applications. You’ll soon find it essential to your workflow!


Environmentally Conscious

This product was engineered according to Fleche’s values. EBE comes with a 2-years warranty and a “free return” package. Below, we elaborate on the measures taken to decrease the environmental impact of the product, though we can’t quite know our suppliers’ methods. The goal is to be as responsible as we can while still offering the product at a reasonable final cost to the end user 

  • Housing and functional parts.

All functional parts are made from ABS, a common thermoplastic and a byproduct of oil. In some critical parts, this material is reinforced with PC or fiberglass. ABS can be recycled a few times before its performances deteriorate. Using recycled plastic for less demanding parts like the internal ones lowers oil consumption. Plastic parts are made in France and shipped with trucks to assembly.

  • Internal circuitry

Made from three distinct boards, including one RaspberryPi shipped from the US. The other two are made locally, with most electronic components coming traditionally from China. These circuits are recyclable up to 20%, but can also easily be repaired and repurposed.

  • Production

Our production model is to reduce the need for power tools and machines to lower energy consumption. The product is then hand-assembled and hand-packaged in Switzerland. EBE is packaged in Swiss recycled cardboard, and shipped via standard mail. 



Promising first step

At the “ 46th International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva “, in 2018, EBE was enthusiastically received from both the jury and the public, and both from engineer and beginners. A lot of feedback has been processed: the final version will be great!


Bientot disponible

Launching soon!

This product is not commercialised yet, being still only an advanced prototype. We’re working hard to bring it to completion and make sure that you receive a finished, fully functional product.
Pre-orders will start on August 1st, 2018.

For more information, or to discuss any custom work, please contact us.